The most beautiful places in the world and…

Every period in history has had different ideas of what defines beauty. Beauty also differs according to geographical location. Although it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the existence of a universal beauty cannot be denied.

In the final episode we explore absolute beauty as we take the viewer on a journey around stunning Unesco world heritage sites, visiting wonderful places like the Subak rice terraces in Bali, to remind ourselves that yes, beauty does lie within us, but it is also humanity’s gift.

We also explore the evolution of female beauty canons, from Paleolithic Venues to the contemporary top models, talking with fashion experts, such as Antonella Antonelli, director of Marie Claire Italy, and the photographer Giovanni Gastel.

At the end, we try to imagine the future of beauty, where the technology and artificial intelligenge will play a primary role in shaping our look and taste.