When dark is beauty

Does a dark side of beauty exist? If in Ancient Greece, the concept of kalokagathia (from the adjectives “kalòs” and “agatos” or “beautiful” and “good”) underlined the relationship between aesthetics and virtue, today beauty can be something “aberrant”, totally different from classic canons. And this uncommon method to imagine and show beauty exerts enormous power over the human mind, frightening and fascinating at the same time.

Entering the studio of Mustafa Sabbagh, one of the most innovative and influential contemporary photographers, former assistant of Richard Avedon and famous for his dark-skinned models, means exploring a new way to feel and create beauty. In his masterpieces, the black color (typically associated with the unknown or the negative) becomes the predominant chromatic choice to express positive emotions, such as protection, generosity and openheartedness.

The duty of every artist is making the observer ready to face his fears in order to break the knots and find the inestimable beauty hidden in each of us.
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